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It’s a new day, you’re engaged! Congratulations.

Do you feel paralyzed by all things that have to get done before the big day…where do you start?  

How would you like to benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge Dombrowski Catering has to offer you for free? 

Dombrowski Catering is happy to help you plan your big day. 

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so we may help provide you with details that are often missed and discounts from additional vendors if you need linens, chairs, tables, etc.

Can a Caterer help make your wedding the event you have always dreamed?

 “Our wedding went so smoothly and so great, all thanks to you!  We are thrilled with all the services, food, presentation and costs.  Everything was better than expected, you totally went above and beyond!  We couldn’t have dreamed of anything else!  The pictures were great!  Thank you so much for making our wedding a dream come true!  You did a fabulous job!  You exceeded our expectations and we greatly appreciated everything you did!  Please use us as a reference!” Jolene & Christopher’s Wedding  

Studies show about 2.5 million couples wed every year in United States.  This means nearly 6,850 couples get married daily, but since most weddings are mostly done in the weekends there are only 52 weeks in a year this means about 48,077 get married every weekend in the U.S.

Typically the most popular to least popular months to get married are as follows: June, August, September, October, May, July, December, April, November, February, March, and January is the least popular month to get married. 

The average wedding budget in U.S. is over $20,000, this includes pretty much everything: Reception, Rings, Honeymoon, Photography, Dinner rehearsal, Bridal gown/accessories, Wedding party apparel, Flowers, Entertainment, Décor, Transportation, Clergy, and Stationary.

Typically your wedding reception is the largest part of your investment. 
It is very important that you choose the right caterer.

Whether you have been saving for a life time for your dream wedding or you are barely scraping by on a tight budget, relax.
Dombrowski Catering is here to help you and we will work with on your menu based on your budget.  If needed, we will also do our best to help put your mind at ease by providing you additional tools, wedding magazines, helpful print outs, step by step plan etc.  Picture everything you envision on your special day becoming a reality.  

Give us a call (253.906.0507) to reserve your date or make sure your event date is still available. You may also email ( to see if you day is still available for reservation.

Have you thought or dreamed of how your wedding day would be? 
Why settle for less?  You deserve that day to be one of the most special days in your life and include everything you desire.   We make ideas a reality …and Dombrowski Catering will try our hardest to make your “Dream” wedding a reality.   

To save your time we have provided you access to our Menu Builder . This tool will give you your custom menu estimated price quote in seconds

Dombrowski Catering has this first-of-its-kind menu builder that enables anyone to get an estimate 24/7 online as fast as you can place the items in your customized menu…..the hardest part is looking at all the scrumptious photos and  narrowing down just what you want from all the irresistible food options.

We want to help put your mind at ease, save you time so you can spend it on YOU.  This tool will also give you a visual of your custom menu based on your budget for your reception.  It provides pictures, prices and calculates your estimated cost for the items you selected from the Menu Builder .

Here are Surefire Strategies to Make Your Day More Successful.

  • Know what you want, plan… ~Then go for it!
  • Prioritize.  ~Do the things you really don’t want to do first, get it out of the way!
  • Don’t leave room for regret…what if…I should have …~You only get married once and all your memories of you special day will last you a life time.
  • Don’t forget the little things.  ~Make sure to work with someone that has done plenty of events. They will know all the little details you may not know or may be forgetting. Imagine what would happen if you forgot……
  • Increase your joy to decrease your stress. ~Your wedding day should be remembered as a beautiful and stress free day…~Remember it’s your day.  

Did someone say WEDDING CAKE?

Get your dream gourmet wedding cake made by Dombrowski Catering a preferred wedding vendor by Brides Club, My Seattle Wedding and The Wedding Resource Guide.   

Click on the slide show below to see pictures of Dombrowski Catering’s cakes:


Chef Dombrowski is dedicated to his food knowledge and this is something he takes very seriously. The best way to know is to experience it yourself. We are glad to schedule a consultation and/or a taste test once you narrow down your final menu entrée choice. Pick up a phone and call us 253.906.0507 or email us today to discuss your event details.    

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